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Ready2Net eLearning webcasts series

Thanks to CARL North IT member Jackie Siminitus (Library Advocate, AT&T California) for this post.

The award-winning READY2NET (R2N) series serves as a national forum for structured discussions about the key eLearning and information technology issues that affect students, faculty, campus officials, institutions, and the public. The Ready2Net programs bring together leaders from higher education, industry, government, and other sectors. The Ready2Net programs are available free, broadcast live via satellite and streamed over the Net. An archive of previous webcasts is available.

Registration required.

June 14, 2007:
Libraries, Coffee, and Surfing

The library’s longstanding function as the academic center of a campus has shifted. Many libraries have added digital media centers, and social and group workspaces in their portfolios of services. Librarians now define the library as an encompassing, multi-functional facility and virtual space centered on learning, the discovery of information, and collaboration. Coffee stands, cafés, and other social spaces demonstrate this shift towards accommodating the requirements of library patrons. This R2N program explores the library’s changing and often challenging roles—including benefits to its users, possibilities for its future, and threats to the library that we know today.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

CARL North IT NextGen Libraries workshop, Sept 7

CARL North Information Technology Interest Group presents:

A Workshop on Next Generation Libraries
September 7, 2007

Innovative Web 2.0 technologies are revolutionizing the way the world interacts with information. How are libraries changing to remain relevant in both the real and virtual world? Please join us for this exciting workshop that will explore emerging new information technologies, what changes have already shifted the playing field for library resources and public service, and what we, as librarians, need to do to stay ahead of the learning curve.

Keynote Address:

Peter Brantley, Executive Director, Digital Library Federation
"Architects of Collaboration"

Before joining DLF, Peter was Director of Technology at UC's California Digital Library. He has significant experience in digital library development and authors a provocative Blog, shimenawa. His address will focus on the rapidly changing technological landscape, the key events that have and will impact Libraries, and what libraries need to do to remain relevant.


Ray Larson, Professor, UC Berkeley School of Information
"The Future of Search"

Prof. Larson teaches classes on information retrieval at UCB. What is the future of search? Are controlled vocabularies and hierarchical structures a thing of the past? How are google-like search engines evolving? What are the new research directions in information retrieval? Prof. Larson's talk will examine the path towards the next generation of "search" ­ i.e., what is to come, what are the main open questions, and how will we integrate all these vast resources and still make results usable and comprehensible to users.

Jeremy Kemp, Assistant Director, SJSU SLIS Second Life Campus
"Next Generation Library Schools: Sloodle & the Second Life Campus"

Information Today calls Second Life the "Library of the Future." SJSU instructional designer Jeremy Kemp, and course designers around the world, are using this 3D gaming engine to build assessable and highly engaging teaching and learning spaces. Mr. Kemp will discuss how they use a new set of practical tools to organize information and present it in immersive settings, including Sloodle, which combines the open source Moodle learning management system with Second Life 3D building tools with the aim of creating engaging experiences in a well-designed pedagogical scaffold.

Library Cool Tools (an afternoon of demonstrations)

Experience and explore Web 2.0 technologies that could enhance library services, including:

*A Second Life for Libraries (Bernadette Swanson, UC Davis and Sandra Rotenberg, Solano Community College)
*Embedding the Library with LibX (Ann Hubble, UC Santa Cruz)
*LibraryThing and Librarians (John Wenzel, San Francisco State University)
*Next Generation Discovery Tool: Encore from Innovative Interfaces (Dinah Sanders)
*Zotero: The Next Generation Research Tool (Pam Howard, San Francisco State University)

Friday, September 7, 2007
9 am - 4 pm

AT&T Executive Briefing Center
795 Folsom Street - 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107
One block South of Moscone Center at 4th and Folsom St.
Closest BART stations: Montgomery or Powell


Next Generation Libraries - September 7, 2007
Advance registration required by August 17, 2007.
COST (includes all-day workshop, morning & afternoon refreshments and lunch): CARL Members: $40; Non Members: $45; Students: $25

Interested in joining CARL? Please visit: http://www.carl-acrl.org

Please circle:
CARL Member ($40); Non-Member ($45); Student ($25)

Make your check payable to CAR L by August 17 and send to:

Ann Hubble, Electronic Resources Librarian, Science & Engineering Library, UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High St., Santa Cruz, CA 95064. Questions? Contact Ann at 831-459-4974 or ahubble@ucsc.edu.

Lunch boxes provided by Boudin Catering and includes a sandwich, chips, and cookie.

Lunch (please circle one):

Bavarian Ham and Swiss
Classic Vegetarian
Roast Beef
Tuna Salad
Turkey and Cranberry
Turkey and Havarti Cheese

Please Note: No refunds after August 24, 2007.

More information about the workshop will be available, as it develops, on this blog

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