Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Podcast - 2005 Word of the Year

Sheila Cunningham (UC Davis) and Ann Hubble (UCSC) gave a presentation on podcasting at the CARL North IT "Demystifying Virtual Communication" workshop. Powerpoint presentations from the workshop will be available on the CARL North IT webpage.

Sheila informed the attendees that in 2005, the New Oxford American Dictionary proclaimed podcast as its word of the year. Also, according to a recent Student Monitor's Lifestyle and Media Study, iPods are more popular than beer!

Sheila shared the results of a pilot report on podcasts conducted at UC Davis. She also talked about how podcasts whether audio, enhanced or video, could enrich the higher education experience. Professors could add podcasts to their lectures as another learning tool. Several universities (Stanford and UC Berkeley for example) are working with iTunes University to distribute educational content.

Ann explained what's needed to create a podcast (the essentials: software, computer, microphone). She also created a podcast on the fly using iLife software (specifically GarageBand). Audacity is free software for Windows to create audio podcasts. Ann's podcasts for the UCSC Synergy lectures are available from the UCSC podcast page.


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